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Corporate Responsibility

Caring about the environment 

At Ortana Media Group, we are committed to reviewing the environmental impact of all our activities. To this end, we continually seek to prevent pollution and reduce our carbon footprint throughout all aspects of our business. 

Ortana Media Group designs its products with energy efficiency a major consideration. In addition, we incorporate the largest possible proportion of recyclable and environmentally compatible materials, when designing our products.

We consider compliance with legislation to be a baseline standard and we strive to continually improve our environmental performance. We also take seriously our duties under the WEEE regulations, ensuring that if any hardware product reaches the end of its useful life, it is disposed of appropriately. 

By effective use of lighting, heating and equipment, we reduce both our energy consumption and our atmospheric emissions. In order to reduce non-essential business travel, we strongly promote the use of a range of online technologies for communication and collaboration.

Wherever possible, we minimise waste and environmental pollutants and we recycle waste materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, metal and glass, thereby reducing our impact on landfill and other disposal methods. 

Our location enables us to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport among our staff, the majority of whom come to work using public transport, on foot, or by bike. We support the local economy by using nearby suppliers and manufacturers, and we aim to work with those companies that have sound environmental policies. 

Ortana Media Group is committed to protecting the environment for the benefit of its employees and customers now and in the future.

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