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Do you have many media assets to manage? With Cubix Platform, your team can centralize, organize, and collaborate all their content in one place. Cubix is a visual, flexible, and intuitive MAM (Media Asset Management) and Orchestration platform. Plus, we can guarantee the most competitive price on the market!

Looking to improve your workflow, without having to buy a completely new MAM system? Introducing our revolutionary: Cubix Appliances.  Fill the gaps in your workflow, and save tons of time and money.

Our Products

Ortana Media Group provides a number of products, platforms & services for a wide range of workflows and media supply chains - for any size organisation, no matter where content is stored.

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Cubix Platform is a visual, flexible and intuitive MAM (Media Asset Management) & Orchestration system. You can easily manage your media assets, ingest, transcode, archive, distribute right through to billing and more! Cubix Platform can be deployed on-prem, on-cloud or in a hybrid configuration, suiting your workflow specifications and business needs. All of this powered by automation and orchestration, saving you tons of money and boosting your workflow processes.



If you have already a MAM (Media Asset Management) in place, then you must be familiar with “vendor gaps” or breaks in your media workflow. These gaps involve a lot of manual labour, high costs and decreases in efficiency. With this problem in mind, our team has designed Cubix Appliances which fills the gaps in your workflow.

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We have experience in various industries, providing valuable products and solutions for your business and media workflow

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Ortana Partners 

Ortana strongly believes that Technology should wrap around you, not the other way around. This is why its so important to be able to choose the right tools for the job.


By working with best of breed partners - Cubix, thanks to its integration with over 50 different products and services, ensures the maximum agility and choice for your orchestrated needs. All the partners listed below are fully integrated via API with Cubix "out of the box".


Latest News 

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Say Hello to our NEW Channel Manager: Simon Harper


Check out Simon's interview for the Ortana Blog, where he talks about his journey and plans for Ortana Media Group


Our CEO, James Gibson, talks about broadcast orchestration for "IN THE HUB" Podcast.


Check out our Founder & CEO, James Gibson’s interview for the “In the Hub podcast” by PlayBox Technology. James talks about all things orchestration, media asset management and the benefits of effective workflow management for the modern broadcaster

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Iyuno-SDI Makes Strategic Investment in Ortana Media Group


Iyuno-SDI Group, a global localization and media services partner to the world's leading content producers and distributors, announced today its investment in UK-based technology provider, Ortana Media Group.

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