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Sport Teams & Federations

Content options and analysis data that will differentiate your brand offering.

Flexible and powerful tools

End-to-end media orchestration

In an ever-changing technological landscape, the broadcasting of major sport events is still a huge undertaking, the results of which are very important both for the fans and the big businesses behind them.

The complexity now comes with the provision of the in depth supplementary content options and analysis data that will differentiate your brand offering.

Ortana offer solutions streamline live and file-based ingest, analysis, fast-paced logging, remote and craft editing, graphics, broadcast, publishing, and distribution. We developed solutions which will allow you to manage the entire content life-cycle with a modular and scalable platform.

Reach a wider audience

Nowadays, people are watching more and more on-demand content. Busier lifestyles have contributed to this and the option to go back and watch your favourite shows in many different devices at a time that suits you is invaluable to many.

Our team developed a platform which will allow you to deliver content to multiple platforms, including direct-to-consumer OTT, linear, social and syndication partners quickly and efficiently.

Expand your audience, locally and internationally. Deliver winning experiences to your viewers, subscribers and fans.

Our products


Cubix is a powerful, modular asset management and orchestration platform that can be deployed on premise, in the cloud - or in a true hybrid configuration.


Kiosk provides an intelligent platform for users to take control of their media and enjoy the benefits of an orchestrated workflow complete with artificial intelligence but without the cost.

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