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Content Owner & Distribution

Creating quality content is hard. You need ample time, creativity and the best tools available to deliver results consistently. 


Managing complex projects, with a large number of assets, perhaps with dozens of layers, all composed and animated independently can be extremely challenging.


From transcoding to different formats, distributing to multiple outlets or performing complex metadata transformation, Ortana can help.


Integrating with your existing estate or your own in-house applications thanks to our open and extensible API, Ortana’s solutions will help you deliver content, boost productivity and reduce operational costs.

Post Production

Ortana has developed easy to use tools for the VFX and audio effects industries that are flexible and smart. Our Cubix family of products will give you the power to enhance production values and ensure you meet ever-tightening production costs and deadlines.


Real-time, remote and global productions are becoming the norm. In today’s cloud-based computing world, files can be shared and accessed from just about anywhere using a wide array of services and devices. Cubix is designed to wrap around your existing storage infrastructure, no matter where it’s located. Cloud, remote or on-premise, Cubix can become the integrated hub for all incoming, in-production and finished content.

Accessibility & Localisation

Media localisation can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Over the length of a project, your team can spend countless hours syncing content, implementing subtitle changes or adding new dialogue, as well as troubleshooting layouts and timing.


Whether you’re working with video, music, subtitle files, cue sheets, compliance reports, artwork and metadata, you need a robust localization platform to help you do the job.


Ortana’s management platform allows you to automate workflows through our open and extensible API enabling you to take advantage of your existing technologies or cloud-based services. offering speech to text, language translation and subtitling. Your team can now deliver localised material more quickly and with greater efficiency coupled with reduced margin of error.


Using the Cubix Taskflow engine, for example, allows content owners to review and approve content before it progresses along pre-defined, SLA driven workflows. Deliver content quickly and effortlessly to regional territories all with localised requirements, including all necessary languages, subtitled files, cue sheets, compliance reports, artwork and metadata.


As companies grow, scale and become more digitised, the amount of digital assets also multiply


With a large amount of valuable content sitting in legacy HSM’s or dispersed around multiple storage pools, there has never been a more urgent need for companies to pay closer attention to how their media is stored, protected, used and connected.


Ortana’s robust, secure and flexible solutions make content more easily accessible, from any location. More than just a secure archive management solution, Cubix can also help reduce storage costs and boost production efficiency all while protecting your high-value content.


Cubix easily manages complex business transformation projects seamlessly across multiple locations thanks to its highly adaptable Orchestration engine, Taskflow. Take advantage of AI/ML based content discovery tools to enrich content metadata to help with discoverability and ultimately the potential to monetise previously ‘lost’ content.

Sport Teams & Federations

Even in an ever-changing technological landscape, the broadcast of major sports events is still a huge undertaking, the results of which are important both for the fans, franchises and sponsors alike. The complexity is further increased with the need to provide in-depth supplementary content options for fans and data analysis that will provide differentiation between you and your competitors.


Ortana offers solutions that help streamline live and file-based ingest, data analysis, fast-paced logging, remote and craft editing, graphics, publishing, distribution and broadcast. We provide solutions that allow you to manage the entire content life-cycle with a modular and scalable platform helping you deliver content to multiple platforms and devices, including direct-to-consumer OTT, linear, social and syndication partners more quickly and efficiently.

Brands & Corporations

Maintaining their message consistently, requires brands to engage and broaden their customer base through a range of platforms: traditional broadcast (radio and Linear Tv), streaming broadcast, social media and internet portals.


We can help you deliver content to multiple platforms, including direct-to-audience, linear, social and syndication partners quickly and efficiently, helping expand audiences, locally and internationally.


Virtual education has evolved considerably in the last decade. There have been many digital learning innovations and new tools added to classrooms. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities have had to move to online instruction and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.


As more and more teaching goes fully virtual, incorporating educational videos can help keep the learning experience feeling fresh and engaging.


Ortana developed a platform that will manage all your institution’s content in one secure place where students and faculty can easily find them, search inside them for specific content, and deliver them to any device.


From live streaming and recording to editing and transcoding, Ortana is an all-in-one video solution that takes the hard work out of producing and sharing academic video content. For any educator or instructor, it's fundamental to ensure content is fully comprehended, the key concepts are reinforced, and to improve their students' knowledge retention.


Ortana’s Cubix platform offers rich capabilities, a friendly user experience, flexible metadata and configurable security rules making it a great choice to manage the learning full cycle for both delivering content, and for receiving assignment submissions.

Non Governmental

Managing multiple media assets stored on disparate platforms, sometimes in legacy archives can be extremely complex and expensive. 


Using our integrated and user-friendly platform will enable your teams to manage all phases of our contents lifecycle, including acquisition, production, enrichment, editing, and curation, as well as packaging and distribution and will be key to reducing complexity and cost.

Marketing & Advertising 

Managing your marketing and advertising workflow can be an extremely complex process, ensuring all different tools are well-integrated, running smoothly and delivering results is key to ensuring a campaigns success.


Ortana has developed a comprehensive and user-friendly marketing platform that enables marketers and content creators to produce, organise and distribute their workflow.


Transforming complex data into actionable insights. The analytical tools give creators, producers and stakeholders a summary of how their marketing platforms are performing. Indicators such as the number of views, likes, shares, but also audience comments and threads, allow users to understand how the content they post is actually performing with their audiences.

House of Worship

To share their message consistently, religious organisations need to engage and broaden their audience through a range of outlets: radio, television and live and recorded video streams broadcast via the internet. 


Ortana’s Cubix solution allows you to adapt and deliver content to these multiple platforms, including direct-to-audience, linear and social media will help support existing and help to expand your audience both locally and internationally with the implementation of translation and subtitling.


Building meaningful and engaging content with your community doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something that takes effort, planning and using the best tools available.


Ortana provides a powerful platform that gives you the ability to create, manage and distribute rich multimedia to ensure the best value from your investment over the long term.