Manage your media assets, automate and orchestrate your workflow with Cubix Platform. 

MAM. Redefined. 

Cubix Platform is a modular and scalable Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform. A complete end to end solution that connects a wide range of media supply chains and transforms workflows, enabling customers to revolutionise and take complete control of their business. File and codec agnostic, understanding everything from simple image, audio and video formats through to complex reference files (OPAtom, DCP, DPX, image sequences) and ancillary files (subtitles, PDFs and ISOs).

Cubix Platform is also deployed as an order fulfilment and distribution tool for hardware fulfilment businesses. Entirely configurable and easily adaptable with changing requirements, Cubix Plarform provides intelligent centralised workflows integrated via API with best on-premise devices and cloud solutions which empowers broadcasters, content owners and media companies to have complete business control.

Cubix Assets 

From editing to distributing your media around the world, you need the right media asset management tools. With Cubix, you’ve got everything you need to build, orchestrate your media and grow your  media enterprise across channels.  


Media Asset Management

Our orchestration platform is able to connect to a wide range of media supply chains intelligently and most importantly, end to end.


VoD Fulfilment

Our end-to-end architecture allows VoD workflows to be designed from when content is acquired/compiled for any channel, allowing you to take charge of your media. 


Playout Origination

Coming soon 



Track in real time every element, every contributor, effortlessly. 


Editorial Ingest

Editorial Ingest provides a “lights out” solution for ingesting content into Avid Media Composer (with or without Interplay). 



Coming soon 


AI Content Discovery

Discover the right media, quickly and easily – through cost effective metadata enhancement and semantic searching.


Audio Library Packaging & Fulfilment

Full media and metadata management and workflow for audio products.


Robotic Bulk Tape Ingest

Highly efficient, accurate and scalable ingest of tape-based content libraries.


Film Scanning

Our film scanning systems are the latest technology that combines high quality image performance with excellent film handling and a software suite capable of ingest, edit, colour grading and more.


Archive Migration

Rationalise existing digital content, physical libraries and provide online, non-destructive migration of content from a wide range of source types. 


Mobile App Integration & CMS

Powerful "out the box" CMS & Workflow Engine for your App


News & Gathering

Powerful AI driven searching for editors and teams: find the right content, quickly, no matter where it's stored. 


Pure Cloud Workflows

Cubix can run entirely from a virtual cloud instance, removing expensive on-prem hardware procurement and running cost, whilst adding scalability and GPU where and when necessary.

A Truly end-to-end platform

Improve your brand's value by better managing rich media and videos with Cubix platform.

Our designed user experience puts the content you want at your fingertips. Whether creating, editing, distributing, our powerful end-to-end system takes away complexity and unnecessary clutter to make your job easier and faster.

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