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The Halo Platform by Ortana Media Group provides a true end to end solution for media indexing, migration, augmentation, preservation, and delivery. With over 80 API integrations, Halo wraps around your existing cloud or on-prem storage.

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Key Features

On-prem or BYOB

(Bring Your Own Bucket)

Sitting on top of your existing storage infrastructure or your chosen cloud storage provider(s), Cubix Halo provides a rich and customisable UI with rapid and secure indexing, bringing rich metadata for advance search and viewing of content no matter where its located.

Deployable on-prem, in private or public cloud or across both.


Cubix Halo is much more than just a simple online content portal.

Built using our powerful Cubix engine, it has an advanced, configurable, and intelligent orchestration layer to drive your all media supply chains.

With Harnesses located right where you need them, you can do more than just find your content.


There’s a plethora of AI/ML based services to choose from.

Cubix Halo includes the ability to securely index your content using a wide range of cloud-based AI/ML based indexing services.

We can also do this without shipping your content wholesale to the cloud saving on time and egress costs.

Self Service Portals

All look at the same Cubix platform, Portals provide a different experience for the user based on their needs.

All portals are configurable and can be fully white labelled.


Scales across locations, clouds, on-prem or even out to remote teams.

Spin up resources in the required territory to perform transcoding and packaging in the most efficient and cost effective means possible.

Scale out licencing for additional modules, more users, whenever you need.

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