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A family of tailored solutions

Founded 2012 and based in London, we offer a broad range of content-centric software products, solutions and services, primarily targeted at the global media, entertainment and broadcast industries.


Cubix Yunify is our core asset management & orchestration platform that manages complex business transformation projects across multiple locations with ease, thanks to its highly adaptable orchestration engine, Taskflow.


Cubix Halo is our fully hosted and managed SaaS offering of the Cubix Yunify. Fully configurable and just as adaptable.


Cubix Appliances ensure maximum efficiency, for the most common workflow issues. Deployable on-premise or in the cloud, without the cost of a full deployment MAM.


Kiosk is our cloud-native portal using the Cubix orchestration engine. Simple to set up and use, and the most cost-effective way to manage the entire media life cycle from ingest to archive.

Spot and Spin Services offer a range of services for the ingest of tape and film based material. Focused around highly automated and orchestrated processes providing rich metadata, scale, and cost efficiencies.

Commercial Models

At Ortana, we offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to our products and solutions to manage your media. From small creative teams to large media enterprises, we develop flexible commercial models that suits your needs and budget.   

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