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Post Production

Optimising your post-production cycle with smart intuitive tools.

Mastering every creation.

Meet tight schedules, with excellent results.

Post production can be often very challenging: you have to orchestrate several tasks and deliver high quality video in very tight schedules.

Ortana developed an easy-to-use prep-editing tools as well for especial and sound effects. Our intuitive, flexible and smart platform will give you power and flexibility to enhance the production value of your projects and meet tight production schedules.

Manage your workflow effortlessly with a platform that's powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Scale collaboration with confidence

Real-time, remote and global productions are becoming the norm. Today’s cloud based computing world means that files can be shared and accessed from just about anywhere on a wide array of devices

Ortana developed tools covering all post-production cycle, allowing seamlessly integration, collaboration storage and sharing.

Our platform will become your integrated hub for all incoming and finished content, helping you to quickly organize and manage complex workflows.

Our products


Cubix is a powerful, modular asset management and orchestration platform that can be deployed on premise, in the cloud - or in a true hybrid configuration.


Kiosk provides an intelligent platform for users to take control of their media and enjoy the benefits of an orchestrated workflow complete with artificial intelligence but without the cost.

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