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Marketing & Advertising

An effectively run integrated platform that can provide extra boost to your content creation, engagement and brand exposure.

Boost your creation & engagement

All-in-one scalable management platform

Managing your marketing and advertising workflow can be an extremely complex process, ensuring all different tools are well-integrated, running smoothly and delivering results.

Ortana developed a comprehensive and user-friendly marketing platform enabling marketers and content creators to produce, organise and distribute their workflow.

Transforming complex data into actionable insights

The analytical tools give creators and producers a summary of how their marketing platforms are performing
Indicators such as the number of views, likes, shares, but also audience comments and threads, allow users to understand how the content they post is actually performing with their audiences.

Our products


Cubix is a powerful, modular asset management and orchestration platform that can be deployed on premise, in the cloud - or in a true hybrid configuration.


Kiosk provides an intelligent platform for users to take control of their media and enjoy the benefits of an orchestrated workflow complete with artificial intelligence but without the cost.

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How artificial intelligence
can grow your business

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