Commercial Models 

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CAPEX - Perpetual Licence

Cubix can be purchased on a capex / perpetual basis - where a single fee is paid at the start of the project to own the licence indefinitely. The cost of this licence is based on the modules selected for deployment, and new modules can be added at any time.

None of the Cubix modules are priced on a per user / per client / per TB basis - rather on some fair use case rules, and the right to use the feature itself. This ensures a clear and consistent pricing model that does not cost more and more as your business grows.

Cubix Support is charged separately from this licence fee - calculated on a Bronze / Silver / Gold basis of the list price of the modules chosen at the point of purchase.

For more information on Cubix CapEx / perpetual pricing - please find a reseller local to you, or contact us.

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Shared SaaS Licensing

CShared SaaS licensing is based on a per-seat basis access to a Shared hosted instance of Cubix maintained by Ortana Media Group.

Access to this platform costs £199 / € 249 / $ 299 per month per seat - plus any applicable taxes.

For more information on what the Shared SaaS licence includes, please click here.

To sign up for Cubix Shared SaaS - please find a reseller local to you, or contact us.

Transactional Services

Whilst at this time we don't offer the full Cubix product on a transaction basis, Ortana Media Group is proud to offer a number of different transactional services which are all based on the Cubix platform.

Click2QC - providing pure pay as you go file based QC services. The world's first truly transactional file based QC cloud platform.

Click2Encode - providing pure pay as you go transcoding and standards conversion services.

Click2Archive - providing pure pay as you go storage solutions with secure portals.

Spot & Spin Media Services - providing digitisation services for both tape and film.

For more information on any of our transactional offerings, please find a reseller local to you, or contact us.

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From small creative teams to large media enterprises, we develop flexible commercial models that suits your needs and budget.