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Cloud Storage & Distribution


Our Cubix platform is natively integrated with a wide range of both local and cloud storage types, and so as a standard feature of our digitisation platform, content is securely archived to the B2 Backblaze (or other) cloud platform solution as soon as it has been digitised to act as a backup. This is performed automatically under Cubix control, and content is purged from here also by Cubix once the media has been identified as needing to be.

What this does mean though is that your digitised assets can be delivered directly to a wide range of cloud storage platforms, either for use with our secure portals or for use directly within your own applications. Currently supported are Microsoft Azure, Google Nearline, Amazon S3 and Glacier, MatirxStore Cloud and Backblaze B2.

We are also very pleased to offer a wide range of distribution methods in addition to cloud storage, including FTP/SFTP and FXP – as well as our very own tool called CubixUDT. Utilising SSL encrypted UDP acceleration, based on the open-source UDT library provides Cubix clients with the ability to perform point to point (P2P) transfers for content over large distances without the impact on throughput that TCP-based methods like FTP suffer from. Using such methods as this allows for content to be “drip-fed” over the wire as soon as the final QC stages are complete, rather than being delivered in large lumps via traditional hard drive methods.

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