Spot and Spin offer a range of services for the digitisation of tape and film based material – focused primarily around fully automated ingest processes capable of being scaled to process huge libraries, but also including bespoke low volume rare format ingest of tape as well as film. Designed and operated by specialists from the industry with decades of experience specifically on and around the challenges of digitisation, Spot and Spin draws on that experience combining it with strong focus on efficiency and accuracy through automation and orchestration. The net result is a refreshing new service offering for clients, no matter if you are simply digitisation 10 assets or 100,000.



How we do it

The use of robotics and orchestration not only provides our clients an unparalleled level of access to their project during the digitisation phase – but also allows us to pass on the cost saving achieved in comparison to traditional ingest methods to our clients.


Our secure web portal platform, provided using our sister company’s asset management and orchestration platform Cubix (www.cubix.tv) allows clients to view in real time exactly where assets are in the process, view proxies of the media – as well as run reports and much, much more. Our systems for bulk ingest are configured with industry standard Sony Flexicarts and Encoders that are directly controlled by Cubix to offer configured workflows to meet your requirements. Cubix allows for completely customised workflows for each client that work right from the order / first barcode scan all the way through to content delivery / publishing, with excellent levels of reporting and transparency throughout. This could include such actions as notifications, review and approve links, transcodes, multiple publishing points and more.



Our team & Facilities 

We have a team of experienced VT and film operators with years of experience for both the operational and technical aspects of tape / film handling and prep, as well as specialists in the onward asset management and management of that media for a wide range of purposes and platforms.

Whilst technology allows us to provide a “bulk” approach to more modern standards such as Digibeta, we understand that often libraries are faced with rare and legacy formats such as 2”, 1”, U-Matic, D3 and more – requiring specialist handing to manage damage from moisture, dust and other environmental factors. Our team includes access to senior engineers who have first-hand experience on the best methods of handling and processing this content to ensure the best transfer possible into the digital domain.

Our tape and storage operation is housed within North West London, in a landmark called the “Old Torpedo Factory” – simply because it is precisely that. A large brick warehouse built in the 1900’s that provides a very secure facility for the storage and processing of content. We can house up to 50,000 elements on site as an active library for processing – and we have a resilient 1Gb internet line that allows us to transfer content out to client facilities / cloud storage as soon as it has passed QC.


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