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AUTOMATED AND ACCELERATED FILE MOVEMENT BETWEEN GEOGRAPHICALLY DISPERSED LOCATIONS Exchange content and metadata files with other users, systems and applications regardless of geographic location or file size by automating processes or defining schedules. Manager+Agents delivers fast, reliable and secure movement of files up to 200X faster than FTP and TCP with 95+% network efficiency. Checkpoint Restart ensures that once a file starts moving it will get to its destination, even if interrupted. If a file transfer fails, it automatically restarts the transfer from the point of failure, which is essential when moving multi-gigabyte data sets.

ENTERPRISE CLASS SECURITY Manager+Agents ensures that your files transfers are secure with encrypted browser sessions and file transfers — up to 256-bit AES encryption. The built-in certificate authority manages Public Key Infrastructure, (PKI) maintains security certificates, and establishes secure communication between Manager+Agents. Delivery is certified via digitally signed transfers, providing non-repudiation, and proof of the integrity and origin of the data.

Use internal or integrated directory services (LDAP & Active Directory) for authentication and authorization. Use predefined roles to control access, or define your own groups based on organization, location and more.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION Manager+Agents lets you create flexible workflow templates that automate the processing of content by visually connecting workflow steps and manual tasks with the appropriate business rules. Those workflow templates can be as simple as moving a file from one location to another, or as sophisticated as directing a package to 3rd party applications for transcoding and watermarking prior to moving the content across the WAN to global locations.

Manager+Agents utilizes a standards based approach based on the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS). Manager+Agents also includes a set of SOAP and REST APIs for control by 3rd party software as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) deployment. Signiant helped define the FIMS Representational State Transition (REST) interfaces and Managers+Agents supports the REST Transfer interface in addition to the existing SOAP Transfer interface.

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