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For businesses that cannot afford the delays and risks of shipping physical media across the world, or the slow, unreliable and insecure FTP transfers, Aspera transfer servers software offers a solution that guarantees results regardless of transfer distances, file sizes or network conditions. Combining patented FASP® technology, optimized cloud I/O for cloud deployments, and comprehensive transfer and user management, our transfer server software moves large data sets over the WAN with unrivaled speed (100X faster than FTP or HTTP), flexible bandwidth control, 100% reliability and bullet-proof security.

HIGH-SPEED TRANSFER SERVER Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server (previously Enterprise Server & Connect Server) is a versatile software application that allows an unlimited number of concurrent users to transfer files of any size at top speed using an Aspera client. Server administrators enjoy a powerful set of management features, including the ability to monitor and control the transfer queue in real time, adjust bandwidth targets on the fly, and configure granular access control settings.

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