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Editorial Ingest for Avid

A game changing product from Ortana Media Group. Available as part of Cubix Yunify, Cubix Halo or as an Appliance without the need to deploy a full MAM, Editorial Ingest provides a ‘lights out’ solution for ingesting content into Avid Media Composer from camera card to edit bin, with or without Interplay! Designed to work your existing project/resource management system to define projects and the project requirements


Supporting a wide range of camera formats (including RED/ARRI) and proxy formats (including JFIF, DNxHR, H264 and XDCAM). Cubix automatically wrangles content according to configurable business rules, transcodes on existing hardware to utilise hardware out of hours and is scalable over 100’s of workstations. The Editorial Ingest Appliance concatenates media and will automatically manage missing source timecode, it generates Avid PMR and AAF per roll and provides real time project status and ETA via it’s built in Dashboard & Tracker features.

  • Project creation

  • Provisioning & asset import

  • Ingest & Validate

  • Wrangle & validate

  • Intelligent transcoding

  • Automated indexing of content through AI/ML-based services

  • Intelligently orchestrating multiple AI/ML services ensuring the highest quality results

  • Semantic search

  • Enhance legacy archives

  • Easily deal with high volumes of user-generated content

  • All metadata available both via the UI and the Cubix API

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