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Our CEO, James Gibson, talks about broadcast orchestration for "IN THE HUB" Podcast.

Check out our Founder & CEO, James Gibson’s interview for the “In the Hub podcast” by PlayBox Technology.

James talks about all things orchestration, media asset management and the benefits of effective workflow management for the modern broadcaster:


Established in 2004 by Don Ash – one of the industry leading technology pioneers, PlayBox Technology is a global media and information technology company, servicing the broadcast, streaming, media & entertainment and commercial industries.

PlayBox Technology focuses on the research, design and development of the best products, systems solutions and services. PlayBox Technology offers integrated PC and cloud based solutions derived from cutting edge technology for networked Broadcast Automation Management.

PlayBox Technology is powering thousands of TV and branding channels. Customers include national and international broadcasters, start-up television channels, content owners, OTT channels, webcasters, DVB/ ATSC TV channels, digital video and music channels, movie channels, mobile TV channels and channels for Disaster Recovory.

PlayBox Technology’s vision is to utilize our practical and theoretical experience and knowledge to optimize TV broadcasting’s technological and organizational dimensions while increasing workflow speed and efficiency.

PlayBox Technology provides innovative and advanced technology and highly skilled 24/7 software and technical support 365 days in the year. This results in many cases in significant cost savings over the life of any integrated solution for our customers.


Ortana Media Group ( was founded in 2012 with the vision to improve the way media workflows are managed. An intuitive, faster and more cost-effective way for clients to leverage their content and grow their businesses.

Today, Ortana is a leading specialist in the development of products and solutions that meet the practical requirements of a wide variety of sectors, including content owners, post-production houses, distributors and broadcasters. Clients include PIAS, TV One, ZoneTV, Lyuno-SDI, Boulder Creek International, A+E Networks, ATP Media, ENVY, Halo and more.

The Ortana team has developed a portfolio of highly flexible, multi-tenanted, end-to-end solutions that are easily adaptable and reconfigurable to meet the needs of current media enterprises and future workflows, including XR. From automating and orchestrating media management at every point of the file cycle, to deploying and moving systems to the cloud, tape digitization, LTO migration, and more.

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