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TORNADO is a transcoding engine designed to be integrated in the facilities? infrastructure: Film labs, post houses, VFX studios or OTT vendors can build their own automated transcoding workflows using TORNADO?s API.

Designed to permit scalability in encoding speed, TORNADO is the most versatile and powerful transcoding solution on the market.

MULTIPLE TRANSCODING CAPABILITIES Simultaneous multiple rendering streams from the same source media Transcode from and to DCP and IMF packages Transcode from and to Mezzanine formats such as DNxHD 444, XDCAM, AVC Intra, AS-11 DPP, AS-10, AS-02, HEVC, etc. Transcode from RAW data at the camera resolution (ARRIRAW, DNG, RED R3D, SONY F65, F55 RAW, Phantom flex 4K, Canon C500, etc.) Delivery formats such as Apple iTunes, AS02/AS10/AS11-DPP, MXF J2K op1a Fox/HBO, Disney & Netflix DSM, Fox ISR & ISM

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