Transcoding, Standards Conversion & Upscaling

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We offer transcoding to practically any codec and wrapper available on the market today, thanks to the use of our Click2Encode platform as part of Cubix. This includes common broadcast formats as ProRes, IMX50, XDCAM, DVCProHD and AVCIntra, as well as common web formats such as H264, HLS adaptive, MPEG-DASH and more.

Quality Control Services

As standard, Spot and Spin provides both the mezzanine file, and a “web friendly” H264 proxy file – the latter can be devalued with such features as watermarks, BITC and logos as needed.



Our transcode platform also includes the ability to perform standards conversion and upscaling of content using the Cinnafilm Tachyon© and DarkEnergy© tools. Tachyon has become an industry standard for performing software based standards conversion, and DarkEnergy is used by Netflix and other such large platforms and broadcasters today to upscale HD and 2K content to 4K. Advanced features of grain management and HDR colour space support are standard too.

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