Secure Content Portals

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Both during the digitisation process itself, and once complete – we can offer one of several secure web portals for accessing both the status of the digitisation process, but also the associated media too. 

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These are standard features in the Cubix asset management and orchestration platform – and can be fully white labelled to your needs, and react dynamically to your configured metadata schemas and workflows. Given the high level of features available – instead of listing them all here in detail, we strongly recommend clicking here to understand more. At a core level, though, they provide real time access to the state of media passing through the digitisation and subsequent processes – as well as the ability to review and interact with that media, through the viewing of online proxies and metadata. They also include e-commerce and advanced searching tools to allow for the content to be easily found and monetised (if required).

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Access to our technical portal is provided free of charge as standard during the lifetime of the project, but these portals can also be provided long term – wrapped around cloud or local storage as required. Pricing for this is available on request.

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