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Introducing the Cubix Appliances Range

A common problem we see with client workflows is the "vendor gap" – a break in the workflow between one system and another. These gaps are unforeseen when systems are purchased or a consequence of evolving and changing workflows. Nevertheless, these gaps result in necessary workarounds, unexpected manual effort, and a general reduction in overall workflow efficiency. Whether your gap is a MAM that cannot support a new camera format, or a need to migrate away from legacy storage, or simply a requirement for better reporting and transparency on your media supply chain, these gaps cost the business time and money, and Ortana has solutions which means it doesn’t have to. The ethos behind all solutions at Ortana is a focus on efficiency in all forms which can only truly be achieved when systems are fully integrated with each other and in a way that wraps around the client’s needs. Failure to be flexible leads to vendor gaps – which is why we have over 54 integrations (with more on the way), as well as a fully abstracted, highly configurable orchestrator built into Cubix. The problem: the cost of a full MAM can be prohibitive for simpler requirements such as transcoding or ingest – so, how to take the efficiency that a Cubix platform delivers, but in a way that commercially fits the "gap"? Our solution – the Cubix Appliances range. Using the same scalable, hybrid architecture of Cubix (on prem, on cloud, hybrid mix – you choose!) complete with its abstracted orchestrator, Taskflow – they focus on specific use cases. Critically though, the workflows can easily be adapted and configured to suit your environment and needs – integrating closely with your storage, environment, and other vendor solutions. No gaps, true efficiency – licencing only the modules you need so it commercially fits too! For more information please visit​.

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