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Meet our technical partner: Object Matrix

Ortana Media Group and Object Matrix have collaborated to enable organisations to access their content from anywhere and free staff from laborious data management chores in order to work on tasks that bring benefit to the organisation.

Through automation and orchestration, content can now be instantly transported from one storage platform to another, whilst keeping all data and metadata in a usable format. Using the powerful asset management and orchestration platform Cubix tightly integrated with MatrixStore, the media focused object storage solution, organisations can now manage, access, and share their content regardless of where the content resides.

The collaboration between both technologies will also help organisations to enhance the way they manage and unlock assets held in their archives or empower creativity and collaboration across global teams. This will be particularly useful to organisations struggling to manage their very manual and time-consuming workflows or it might be organisations who simply wish to re-use and monetise media libraries with modern online workflows.

Download our Solution Brief to learn how Ortana Media Group and Object Matrix can bring many benefits to your organisation:

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