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Introducing our new Project Manager: Mark Sellwood

Hello Mark, and welcome to the Ortana team! You’ve been working in the media industry for many years - with extensive experience working collaboratively with customers during the delivery of projects. Could you share with us what you’ve been up to the past few years?

Mark Sellwood: I've been working as a Project Manager for the past several years, managing many large-scale projects that required my customers to transition from traditional broadcast to the new world of IP, which was a steep learning curve for everyone involved.

During the COVID pandemic, I temporarily stepped away from Broadcast to spent nine months working in the public sector. This gave me the opportunity to gain an interesting insight into something completely different. Now, with Ortana Media Group, I’m back in broadcast, where I feel most at home.

Your experience seems to be crucial for a customer-centric organisation, such as Ortana. What attracted you to the company at first?

Mark Sellwood: I enjoy working for companies such as Ortana because it feels more like a family – allowing us to build close relationships within the whole company as well as the opportunity to provide a personalised service to our customers.

Also, I was looking for a new position that would challenge my skills and allow me to put my years of expertise in the broadcast industry to good use.

With all the major changes happening within the company, including the recent Iyuno-SDI Group investment and the expansion of our team– what improvements can our customers expect in terms of service delivery?

Mark Sellwood: Being able to regularly meet with customers and update them on the delivery status of their projects is critical to us. The recent investment is enabling us to grow our support services team of experienced engineers in not only in Europe but also the United States and Asia.

With Ortana's increase in resources, we will be able to maintain our strong commitment to issue resolution and overall service delivery as we continue to grow as a company. This is an exciting phase in the company's history and I am very much looking forward to seeing where we go next.

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