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Introducing our new Principal Engineer: Maciej Zieliński

Hello Maciej, and welcome to the Ortana Media Group! You’ve been working as a broadcast engineer for many years- could you tell us a bit about your journey in the industry?

Maciej Zieliński: Hello, I'm very excited to now be a part of the Ortana team. Thank you for having me here! My journey in IT began roughly 16 years ago, and in the last 10 years I’ve been working in the media industry. Most of my experience involves being responsible for TV production systems such as MAM and PAM with focus on storage systems.

These are very sophisticated systems, with many different functions and use cases. But I’ve been particularly interested in Virtualization and Windows Server services. Virtualizing production systems and workstations has proven to be the most challenging activities over the past two years.

I'm very glad I initiated those processes in my prior organisation, just before the pandemic, so we were well prepared for such changes. In terms of implementation, remote work was a straightforward process.

Your experience seems to be crucial for an innovative technology company such as Ortana. What attracted you to the company?

Maciej Zieliński: Ortana is a fast-growing company with a lot of potential. I see a lot of opportunities to achieve something fascinating and help further my professional development here.

I believe you’ve seen the broadcast tech industry evolving very fast in the last few years. Which latest innovations do you think are crucial for media companies to stay ahead?

Maciej Zieliński: As we have seen in recent years, IT making significant inroads into the media and television markets. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to adapt services to meet the current market requirements. First and foremost, it is the appropriate administration of metadata as well as the actual content.

For many media companies, content must be made available on a wide range of platforms and as quickly as possible. The metadata, on the other hand, should accurately reflect the content and enable effective search functionality.

The above requirements bring some serious challenges. It is not just about storing data, but also about efficiently orchestrating as many operations as possible at the same time.

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