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Integrate, Automate & Orchestrate your media workflow in one place with Cubix Yunify

London - May 11, 2022

Ortana Media Group, a world leader in asset management, orchestration and automation solutions provider, is pleased to announce their new fully hosted and managed SaaS offering, Cubix Halo, at The Media Production and Technology Show 2022.

For more than a decade, Ortana have been at the forefront of delivering world class disruptive technology and innovations to customers for wide variety of sectors, including content owners, post-production houses, distributors, and broadcasters.

At the Media Production Show 2022, the company is proudly launching their new Cubix line-up, delivering their disruptive technology to even more customers, with more options to choose from. The reintroduction of Ortana's primary Platform, Cubix, under its new brand name, Cubix Yunify, is one of the biggest reveals in their new product line.

Cubix Yunify is an end to end, multi-tenanted asset management, automation, and orchestration platform, designed to be modular, scalable and agile. It includes close integration with best of breed on-premise infrastructure as well as cloud services for storage, transcoding, content discovery and more. Combined with task-focused Portals for user access, and its modular architecture, Cubix Yunify is a powerful solution for any media environment.

Cubix Yunify can be deployed fully on site, fully in public cloud or a hybrid mixture of both environments, allowing clients to leverage both local and cloud-based resources taking best advantage of both cost and speed. If your business model is to outsource, we offer Cubix Halo with all the benefits of the full platform, but as a subscription-based SaaS.


Ortana Media Group ( was founded in 2012 with the vision to improve the way media workflows are managed. An intuitive, faster and more cost-effective way for clients to leverage their content and grow their businesses.

Today, Ortana is a leading specialist in the development of products and solutions that meet the practical requirements of a wide variety of sectors, including content owners, post-production houses, distributors and broadcasters. The company has a worldwide reseller network across North America, Europe, South America, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Ortana team has developed a portfolio of highly flexible, multi-tenanted, end-to-end solutions that are easily adaptable and reconfigurable to meet the needs of current media enterprises and future workflows. From automating and orchestrating media management at every point of the content life cycle to deploying and moving systems to the cloud, tape digitisation, LTO migration, and more.

You can meet Ortana Media Group’s commercial team at Stand L748.

To arrange a meeting get in touch at

Press Contact:

Thiago Ayres - - +44 7756 659820

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