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Filling the workflow gap: a problem-solution approach

Filling the workflow gap: a problem-solution approach

On our previous article, we discussed how our cubix appliance range can fill the breaks in your media workflow, substantially reducing a lot of manual tasks and automating key processes. All of this, without having to replace your current MAM platform. In case you have not read it, you can find the article in this link.

At Ortana, we are obsessed about solving problems and helping our customers get things done instantly. Our team understands that our clients have to survive in a very competitive market, where time is money and fixing the workflow problems that is stopping your business growing is a top priority.

The Cubix Appliance range has been designed and developed after years of working with hundreds of customers in the media sector and identifying the key problems that are making our customers lose a lot of time and money.

In this article we made a quick summary of the 6 key problems and for each problem which solution our team applied the appropriate Cubix appliance.

Workflow Problem: As the volume of media sources increase, the challenge facing media business owners is to know what content they have and where. Whether the content be user generated, or simply drives of rushes, all "unstructured data" remains inaccessible to the business and a slow, painful process to locate when needed.

“AI Content Discovery” appliance solution: Using cost-effective metadata enhancement and semantic searching, you can find the correct material fast and simply.

Workflow Problem: Regardless of the use case, the need to digitise tape content comes with a few constant requirements – digitise it as quickly as you can, without sacrificing accuracy or quality, for the least cost possible. Often seen as conflicting – for many years it was difficult to find a solution in the market that delivers on all these needs.

“Robotic Bulk Ingest” appliance solution: The Cubix Robotic Bulk Ingest solution allows you to grow fast and cost-effectively while guaranteeing the same or greater precision of capture, thanks to our considerable expertise digitising tape libraries in a variety of situations. Built on the Cubix MAM & Orchestration platform, it connects directly with SonyTM Flexicarts, VTRs, and TelestreamTM Pipelines for full 24x7x365 operations.

Workflow Problem: Many companies struggle to get their on-demand video transcoding jobs scaled. Video transcoding jobs have an extremely asymmetric run-time, which means that although smaller jobs may finish fast, bigger projects may take an hour to complete, causing other jobs to queue up behind them. This transcoding may be done using your current Avid workstation estate, which is a capability unique to Cubix compared to other options on the market.

“Transcode” appliance solution: Cubix's unique "Harness" technology allows transcodes to be conducted on any Avid-approved gear, allowing edit suites to be utilised as a transcoding farm overnight while customers are not present. This frequently implies that clients will not need to acquire any new hardware in order to use this solution, saving them a substantial amount of money.

Workflow Problem: The VOD explosion has brought to light the fact that different metadata types have been managed in fragmented ways in the past. The high volume of AI-generated metadata exacerbates the situation.

“VoD Fulfiment” appliance solution: Cubix distinguishes itself by storing media within (specified) content hierarchies, which allows related metadata to be kept separate from the media, allowing metadata inheritance and the ability to swap out an asset without impacting the metadata.

Workflow Problem: Ortana recognises that the MAM you're migrating to might not be the greatest at handling the migration process, thus Cubix is available on a short-term basis through our "SaaS" model.

“LTO Archive Migration” appliance solution: Integrating it with your MAM, Cubix can fully orchestrate the LTO migration project and seamlessly deliver content to your MAM of choice – to be then decommissioned at the end of the project. Cubix does a "deep dive" on the assets when they are imported, learning as much as possible about the content, including attributes such as codecs, wrappers, durations, filesizes, and more.

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