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Consistently delivering low word error rate across all languages and use cases. Frequent testing of our language offering positions us ahead of the biggest players in the market and ensures continuous innovation to deliver the best accuracy for every use case.

-Language Coverage-
An industry-leading language coverage ensures our offering is relevant to your business needs.

-Flexible Deployment-
Consume Speechmatics’ speech-to-text technology in real-time or with pre-recorded (batch) files, in the cloud or securely on-premises. Speechmatics has the flexibility to be deployed according to your needs.

-Advanced Punctuation-
Speechmatics’ Advanced Punctuation is built on over 2.5 billion words and has an industry-leading set of supported punctuation marks. This use of punctuation optimises the speed and ease of consuming a transcript for human users.

-Custom Dictionary and Sounds Feature-
Add a set of context-specific words to the dictionary to enhance your transcription accuracy.

-Speaker Change-
Easily identify a change of speaker within your transcript with Speaker Change. A token is automatically added to the transcript each time a speaker change is detected. This enables easy modification of the transcript to improve its readability.

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