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Born at the beginning of 2006, Independent Distribution On Line is one of the sector’s pioneers. Its founder and major shareholder, Pascal Bittard, has been developing his expertise in the industry since 1994. He has been Director of independent label istribution at SonyMusic and Marketing and New Media Director at V2 Music respectively.

Privileged partners of independent labels and producers, IDOL’s managers have always vowed to remain independent themselves, be it on a financial or technical level. No major group, institutional investor or investment fund has a stake in its capital. By the same token, all technical solutions have always been developed internally.

This financial and technical independence allows us to constantly innovate, as well as giving us incredible freedom and agility when it comes to anticipating and developing solutions that meet the needs of our labels. IDOL is one of the rare digital distributors in the world that has developed its complete range of technical tools internally (software, web applications, interfaces, back office, front office...)

For several years now, we have drawn from our pioneering technology and marketing expertise at IDOL to independently offer our services or technical tools to certain labels or distributors in the sector, positioning ourselves as a technical supplier Digital Service Provider...

At the heart of the independent music sector, IDOL is in an ideal position to understand the evolution of content producers’ needs. We are constantly developing new technical and marketing services in order to help content producers focus on their core activity and operate more efficiently.

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