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QScan is a family of fully-featured Automatic Quality Control (AQC) systems, engineered to unobtrusively check the integrity of media files at user-definable points in a production workflow. QScan goes beyond regular QC solutions, offering comprehensive video and audio analysis. QScan is powered by the award-winning Quales AQC engine and can be used to provide compliance for file-based content delivery to any global standard. With built-in templates for common standards, the compliance testing process is extremely quick and easily managed.

In modern media workflows, the earlier any issues are found, the easier and faster it is to rectify them. Failure to check could result in major headaches further down the line. For this reason, Quality Control is often carried out at the start and then at the end of a workflow, manually or automatically. Unlike most QC solutions, QScan is unobtrusive and highly adaptable and can be applied at multiple points, seamlessly performing a series of automated tests on both the audio and video signals to confirm that files consistently meet channel specifications.

With the global exchange of programming content being traded around the world to broadcasters and VOD suppliers such as Netflix and Amazon, the need to deliver flawless files is paramount to everyone's business whether you are a large or small operator. Furthermore, with the requirements of mandatory file checking now becoming mainstream, there’s never a better time to implement an automated QC solution at your facility.

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