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Although it is just a theoretical particle in astrophysics, it is a reality for Cinnafilm clients and partners. Tachyon gives users access to the highest quality format and standards conversions tools, elevating their regular transcoders to Tachyon-powered Standards Transcoders™.

Cinnafilm’s patented, GPU-based algorithms in Tachyon are the replacement for dedicated, SDI hardware converters that broadcasters and post facilities have wanted for years. Available as both an appliance and a plug-in, regardless of your needs, there is a version of Tachyon right for you.

Standards Transcoding® (performing a standards conversion during a transcode) many simultaneous files at near real-time speeds on a single server was impossible before Tachyon. Some transcoding companies attempt standards conversion while transcoding, but at 5‐8 times slower than real time, and only one conversion per server, economies of scale will never be realized. Other transcoding companies have “bolted-on” legacy SDI hardware-based standards converters in an attempt to make files flow in a Frankenstein-like fashion, but the end result is a long trip to/from baseband, and one conversion per server.

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