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Cambria FTC is a scalable, enterprise-level file transcoder that runs on 64-bit Windows (10, Server 2012/2016), either as a single machine or as part of cluster of machines. Capella offers flexible licensing options that allows Cambria to run on any designated local workstation, or in a public or private cloud. You can operate Cambria via user interface, watch folders, or extensive REST API. At the heart of Cambria is a clean, “Cambria FTC allowed us to handle more uniformly all the deliveries, helping us save time and resources. Also, Cambria Cluster Manager was much easier to integrate with our content management system than previous solutions.” Jose Conde, Team Leader IT Multimedia Products Enabler and Video Hutshison Drei Austria GmbH 2 Choosing Your Next Enterprise Encoder CHOOSING YOUR NEXT ENTERPRISE ENCODER future-proof transcoding engine that supports 4K/8K/HDR and 8/10/12-bit compressed and uncompressed workflows.

Cambria features “growing” file support for files transferred from remote sources like FTP and S3, so encoding can start before the file is fully downloaded to the encoding station, accelerating encoding times. Cambria can produce an extensive range of broadcast and streaming formats, and advanced technologies like Nexguard video watermarking. Cambria supports popular plug-ins like the EZTitle Subtitles Plug-in, and comes with a range of useful filters, such as a black frame remover, color bar remover, color range adjustment, 601/709 correction, denoiser, logo overlay, text burn-in, Teletext burn-in, DVB subtitle burn-in, XML titler, DVD subtitle burn-in, subtitle burn-in, closed caption burn-in, SST, time code burn-in, and time code overwrite. Around the world, Cambria is used by a number of prominent companies, including the Fox Networks Group, Televisa, CBC, CCTV, Nikkei CNBC, DREI, and Amore Pacific.

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