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Streamline your workflow

Ortana developed the best tools to improve your Media Management. Improve your content workflow, from organisation to preparation and delivery on any platform.

 Simplify complex tasks,

more time to create 

Managing multiple media assets in differing platforms and scenarios can be an extremely complex and expensive.  

Ortana developed a integrated and user-friendly  platform enabling your team to manage all the phases of the content lifecycle, including acquisition, production, enrichment, editing, and curation, as well as packaging and distribution

Your team will likely become more productive when processes are streamlined and they can have a more accurate idea of the daily tasks and expectations assigned to them

This will likely save your business money so you can allocate funds elsewhere.

Share your message & engage your community

To share your message consistently, religious organizations need to engage and broaden their through a range of platforms: radio, television, streaming broadcast and internet. 

Ortana developed a platform which will allow you to deliver content to multiple platforms, including direct-to-audience, linear, social and syndication partners quickly and efficiently.

Expand your audience, locally and internationally. Deliver meaningful experiences and message to your community.

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Our produtcs  


Cubix is a powerful, modular asset management and orchestration platform that can be deployed on premise, in the cloud - or in a true hybrid configuration.


A fully orchestrated, lights out process for ingesting content into Avid Media Composer – from camera card to edit bin – with or without Interplay!

How artificial intelligence

can grow your business