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Easily Manage & Orchestrate media

Kiosk is cloud-native, simple to set up and use, and the most cost-effective way to manage your entire media life cycle, from ingest to archive to delivery.

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Key Features

Kiosk is a cost effective, cloud based solution built especially for sharing and discovery of your content. Including review and approval and powerful templated orchestration/workflow tools.


Kiosk goes beyond many other solutions and provides far more than just simple collaboration or backup. Kiosk is designed to fully automate the archiving of content right from your desktop to multiple cloud destinations.


Available as a PAYG low commitment subscription, it offers exceptional functionality for a low monthly cost.

Purpose built for media and peace of mind
Native format support up to 8K
Collaboration and archive workflows built in
AI based content discovery and more
Designed to wrap around your own storage
Hybrid ‘on-prem’ and cloud supported
Uses our own cloud transcode service
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