At Ortana, we fully understand that it is essential that our products and solutions are agile and able to adapt quickly with your business. However, we also know that it's just as important, if not more so, to have the same level of flexibility when it comes to commercial models. This is why Ortana proudly offers our solutions through a range of models designed to meet your needs.

How to buy


Commercial Models 

At Ortana, we offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to our products and solutions to manage your media. From small creative teams to large media enterprises, we develop flexible commercial models that suits your needs and budget.   

Find a Reseller 

As an international player for many years, we understand that each market has their own particularities. From LA to Sydney, from London to Buenos Aires, we established a strong network of authorised international re-sellers. Find a local re-seller that understands your unique business and industry needs


Be a Reseller

At Ortana, we work with resellers and distributors globally to make the most of new opportunities and projects development. We offer flexible licensing and incentives to encourage strong partnerships.

If you are interested in becoming a re-seller, contact us today.


Why Ortana Media 

At Ortana, we partner with businesses who aspire to unlock

the unique value of their media.