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Digital Audio Restoration


Through our film shared services agreement, we can offer the following digital restoration services for sound using Pro Tools for capturing and editing sound to picture, pulling audio into sync, editing out clicks, bangs and other anomalies, and creating master audio for archiving. Restored tracks are then added to Digital Vision Film Master timeline to generate sync masters. We also have a number of audio EQ plug-ins for de-hiss, de-crackle etc. but these are constantly in development and we always try to introduce the best tool for the job. Our audio specialist has worked with top-end feature film sound recordists and editors for many years.


We provide full QA reports by listening in real time, not spot-checking. One pass is therefore needed for each pair of tracks.

Delivery of the audio can be in a wide range of audio formats to suit the output needs, however our preference for “master” is 96k 24bit interleaved or discreet .wav files complete with timecode where present.

Above and beyond the Tascam DA-88 and Fostex D25 offering directly by Spot and Spin for digitisation – we also have access to the following capture devices for the rarer formats;

  • MWA Albrecht MB51 dual-gauge 16mm/17.5mm/35mm player/recorder with 3 track, 4 track + 6 track 35mm magnetic play and record and 2 track EBU 16mm play and record

  • MWA Albrecht MB51 dual-gauge 16mm/17.5mm/35mm player only with 3 track, 4 track 6 track 35mm and 2 track EBU 16mm play

  • prototype 35mm optical sound to .Wav player

  • Otari MTR-12 4 track 1/2” audio player

  • Tascam DA98 HR - 24 bit 8 track Hi-8 recorder

  • Akai DD1500 16 track digital audio edit system

  • Sony PCM M1 DAT recorder - includes Long-Play (1/2 speed) format

  • CD, Mini CD, audio cassette

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