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Deep Logging

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The final key service we can offer is around the capturing of additional metadata regarding the media. This can be very subjective based on the media type itself, and so a key feature to our Cubix platform is the ability to be able to configure metadata schemas as required by clients. This avoids the classic issue where only fixed metadata schemas are available, which might not be appropriate to the nature of the content.

By hosting online copies of the content in our secure portals, where we can provide access to remote workers securely to augment content with metadata – it provides several different possibilities for how this metadata is derived. If the content is generic in form, with metadata about the assets freely available on the internet, we can provide a service where our team views the content – and provides both asset-based and shot based metadata.


However, a lot of content is best “logged” by those users who are most familiar with it often either our client directly or the associated fan base that surrounds the content. In this scenario, our clients can directly review the content via our portals and add the metadata themselves (providing a cost saving) or can take a crowd-surfing approach.


The latter is where individuals who are fanatics of the topics the content is about are invited to access the secure portal and review a “worklist” of content. In our experience, we have found that often people are willing to do this either free of charge, or in return for corporate benefits such as tickets or event access. This allows for experts in the content to provide metadata, at a very low cost base.

Our platform is also natively integrated with the Google Speech and Vision APIs allowing both speech to text and image recognition to be performed on the content. Both these processes can be run automatically against the content, and the subsequent metadata streams be provided both via our portals but also as part of the digital delivery that we provide.

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