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VoD Fulfilment


Cubix is modular by design, multi-tenanted, and able to handle workflows across the media ecosystem. The end-to-end architecture of Cubix allows VoD workflows to be designed from when the content is acquired or compiled, for any channel, allowing users complete control of their media. With over 65 direct API integrations with best of breed partners, Cubix can quickly connect into and link with your existing estate for practically and workflow need. From ingest, to storage, to AI/ML, archive and even billing and accounting systems, Cubix can leverage and bring efficiencies to the tools you’ve already invested in.


One key feature of Cubix is that media is stored within (defined) content hierarchies, which enables associated metadata to be separate from the media itself allowing metadata inheritance, and the ability to easily swap out an asset without affecting the metadata. Using this one feature alone to automatically provision resources and schemas ahead of time, saves huge amounts of time.

  • End to end service

  • Fully configured workflows

  • Complete visibility of available content via branded portals

  • Localisation & Subtitles

  • Fast file retrieval

  • Intelligent hierarchy metadata structure

  • Artwork can be easily updated with the newest/localised versions

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