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Transcode Appliance

Ortana Media Group can provide a powerful, enterprise level ‘on-premise’ transcode solution as well as our Kiosk Cloud Transcoding platform.


An intelligent, orchestrated multi-node transcode solution designed to support transcoding, upscaling, packaging and distribution of content on-premise or to your chosen cloud vendor for a wide range of use cases.  Uses asset metadata to inform transcode decisions.


Very wide support for both codecs and wrappers, and includes up to 5 nodes. Priced to be a replacement for Vantage (Ortana can provide Vantage migration & use the same hardware through our professional services team).

  • Unlimited amount of content transcoding

  • Unlimited seats to Cubix Technical Portal

  • Fully multi-tenanted with unlimited number of clients / projects

  • Unlimited Taskflow’s for Transcoding, Packaging and Delivery

  • Includes Support for 5 "ingest" workstations (this number can scaled up) - these are Windows PC’, Mac’s that are used for transcoding and delivery to Avid storage (can be in different geographical locations)

  • Real Time Dashboards & Tracker to show status of transcodes

  • Reporting to provide metrics for billing on throughput

  • Support for SD / HD / UHD and 8K workflows, DPX / DCP / camera formats such as RED & Arri

  • Engineering Dashboards for monitoring and Slack / Email alerts via Cubix PRISM

  • Full access to the Cubix API

  • Free review of existing Vantage workflows to confirm direct migration path and expect performance

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