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Robotic Bulk Tape Ingest


Highly efficient, accurate and scalable ingest of tape-based content libraries. Focused around highly automated and orchestrated processes providing rich metadata, scale, and cost efficiencies.

At Ortana, we understand that regardless of the use case, the need to digitise tape content comes with a few constant requirements. Digitise it as quickly as you can, without sacrificing accuracy or quality, for the least cost possible. Often seen as conflicting, it can be difficult to find a solution that delivers on all these needs.


Through our own extensive experience of digitising tape libraries in a wide range of environments, the Cubix Robotic Bulk Ingest solution allows you to scale quickly and cost-effectively, whilst ensuring the same or higher accuracy of the capture.


Built using the Cubix Asset Management & Orchestration platform, it natively integrates with Sony™ Flexicarts, VTRs and Telestream™ Pipelines to allow for true 24x7x365 operations.


Our configurable workflows ensure that the process of preparation, capture and onward processing can be easily tailored to meet the exact requirements of your media supply chain, whether that be your own MAM or one of the many portal solutions provided by Cubix.


Cubix Robotic Bulk Ingest is able to support three different methods of capture, Crash Capture, In Point and Free Run. This ensures the right method can be selected to provide the maximum efficiency depending on your content types.

  • Support for an unlimited number of Flexicarts with up to 3 decks per Flexicart

  • Support for any Betacam variant (Betacam SP), Digibeta, Betacam SX, IMX, HDCAM, HDCAM SR)

  • Ability to mix formats within the same Flexicart

  • Browser-based UI with AD / LDAP Security

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