Cubix is a powerful, modular asset management and orchestration platform that can be deployed on premise, in the cloud - or in a true hybrid configuration.


Pure Cloud Workflows

• Complete control over all your assets
• Portals tailored to your business needs (Tech, Clips)
• Hardware and Software requirements removed
• Fully automated and orchestrated in the cloud
• Benefit of cloud resources for increased processing capability
• Logistical headaches removed
• Total flexibility receiving, handling and sending content
• Reduces costs
• Unlimited scalability
• Workflow intelligence - identifying cloud architecture to keep costs low

taskflow config cloud.png

Ortana Media Group was an early responder to the potential of cloud workflows and it has spent years developing a platform that delivers all the power and functionality of on-prem services with the endowment of additional capabilities of being cloud based.

Cubix can run entirely from a virtual cloud instance, removing expensive on-prem hardware procurement and running cost, whilst adding scalability and GPU where and when necessary to handle and process content efficiently and cost effectively for users and clients.


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