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News Gathering


The Ortana Media Group knows that different teams have unique requirements and none more so than 24/7 news teams that often require very different and more demanding workflows than their linear counterparts. 

Content from breaking new stories needs to be made immediately available for editors and production teams to review and edit in time for deadlines and bulletins. Cubix has been designed to be able to meet these needs. 


Searching and retrieving previously captured content via a dedicated Cubix Portal is both quick and easy, enabling teams to create richer stories in less time. There is often a business need for other teams to have access to the same created content, and rules and Portal access can all be specifically configured for each use case.

  • Fully automated and orchestrated in the cloud

  • Logistical headaches removed

  • Total flexibility receiving, handling and sending content

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Workflow intelligence identifies cloud architecture to keep costs low

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