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Available as part of Cubix Yunify, Cubix Halo or as an Appliance without the need to deploy a full MAM.


The scale and complexity of producing localised versions of shows is often overlooked, at Ortana we have years of experience in creating efficient workflows that overcome our client's challenges. Using Cubix Portals enable content to be distributed to a wide pool of linguists and artists for reversioning and voicing with detailed reports providing a complete overview whilst constantly tracking the media.


If you prefer to use cloud-based AI/ML speech to text and translations services to give your linguists a head start with subtitles (plus reduce the time needed to translate), Cubix can help here too in the most cost-effective way possible.


The Cubix Taskflow engine allows content owners to review and approve content before it progresses along the pre-defined workflows. Customers can deliver content quickly and effortlessly to territories with all localised requirements, including necessary languages, subtitled files, cue sheets, compliance reports, artwork and metadata. Cubix will also work alongside your SLAs and business rules to maintain compliance and help meet deadlines.

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