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Asset Management

At Ortana, we understand the confusion that ensues when MAMs are mentioned. No single description will be the same, because no one workflow, process or business is the same.


From the start, Ortana built the Cubix platform to be modular and scalable, a MAM and Orchestration platform that had to connect a wide range of media supply chains intelligently and most importantly, end to end.


Cubix has immediate benefits over traditional MAM solutions through its design to handle workfl­ows right across the media supply chain. The enterprise architecture of Cubix ensures no single point of failure, and its ability to scale both on-premise and into the cloud, ensuring it can handle even the most demanding of throughput.


Central to the powerful functionality of Cubix is its workflow engine, Taskflow. Clients (who know their business best) can quickly and easily design their own workflows via the Cubix UI designer and can configure workflows to start all the way back where content is being acquired through to its desired destination. Specific workfl­ows can be created for different channels and content types, for example, ensuring all content is handled by the right team at the right time.

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