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Physical or Digital, Structured or Unstructured, Tape, Film, LTO, HDD or cloud? Cubix can fully orchestrate and manage any migration project to bring efficiencies and discoverability to legacy and existing archives.


Cubix can easily manage complex business transformation projects across multiple locations thanks to its highly adaptable Orchestration engine, Taskflow. It can rationalise existing digital content, physical libraries and provide online, non-destructive migration of content from a wide range of source types and legacy HSM’s to multiple cloud storage solutions of your choice. Our ability to natively control robotics for tape ingest, as well as direct integration with the Blackmagic Design Cintel Film scanner, allows for easily configurable workflows that are tailored to suit your exact needs.


Ortana also understands that the MAM you are migrating to may not be the best at managing the migration itself, and is able to provide Cubix on a short-term basis via subscription. Integrating with your MAM, Cubix can fully orchestrate the project and seamlessly deliver content to your MAM of choice before then being decommissioned at the end of the project. Of course, Cubix is also well placed to be the ongoing MAM of choice  in which content can be enhanced with highly configurable metadata schemas, managed and shared securely with internal and external users. AI/ML-based services for image detection and speech to text can seamlessly integrated to enhance the metadata and make content even more discoverable.

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