Film Scanning


Film Scanning

Cubix is a powerful, modular asset management and orchestration platform that can be deployed on premise, in the cloud - or in a true hybrid configuration.

    • Latest scanning technology
    • All formats from 8mm through to 65mm
    • Extensive deliverable file formats up to 4k
    • Scans entire frame - no loss of media
    • Multiple scanners for efficient content processing
    • Highly skilled operators
    • Media tracked throughout process via portals
    • Clips portals provide white labelled front end for clients to access and work with their content

Ortana Media Group recognises the specialism required to handle and scan film, and has a long partnership with film experts ScanSmiths. We scan all film formats from 8mm thru to 65mm for online use or for full post-production to uncompressed files. The list of deliverable file formats is long and we scan resolutions up to 4k at this point.

Our film scanning systems are the latest technology that combines high quality image performance with excellent film handling and a software suite capable of ingest, edit, colour grading, vfx and restoration as well as delivery to your required file format.

We scan the entire film frame ensuring that nothing is lost and giving all of the image to allow for pan, scan or reposition of the framing downstream.

We offer unique combinations of highly skilled film operators, an advanced content management system and the latest in scanning technology for digitising film to the following formats;

- SD – Standard Definition – 480i and 576i
- HD – High Definition 1920 x 1080
- 2K – DCI 2048 x 1080
- UHD Ultra High Definition 3,840 x 2,160 and 4K – 4,096 x 2160
- HDR – High Dynamic Range

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