Archive Migration


Archive Migration

Physical or Digital; Structured or Unstructured; Tape, Film, LTO, HDD or cloud – Cubix can fully orchestrate your migration project today!

    • Direct API integration with Oracle DIVArchive and other legacy HSMs for proven, efficient online migration to the target storage mix of your choice
    • Orchestrated solutions and services for the migration of broadcast tape libraries, films, HDDs and standalone LTO.
    • Cubix Taskflow Designer allows you to easily design your migration project – making use of over 50 integrations with HSMs, AQC, cloud storage, AI and more!

    • Multi-site, multi-tenanted – Cubix can handle complex content structures with specific business rules for different content types / clients
    • On Prem or Cloud – as Cubix is a truly hybrid cloud solution – its modular architecture allows you to integrate and manage resources and content across multiple facilities and clouds – easily adapting to your environment as your migration progresses

Cubix can manage complex business transformation projects across multiple locations thanks to its highly adaptable Orchestration engine - Taskflow. It can rationalise existing digital content, physical libraries and provide online, non-destructive migration of content from a wide range of source types and legacy HSMs to multiple cloud storage solutions of your choice. Our ability to native drive robotics for Tape Ingest, as well as direct integration with the Blackmagic Design Cintel Film scanner – allows for easily configurable workflows that are tailored to suit your exact migration needs.
Ortana understands that the MAM you are migrating to may not be the best at managing the migration itself – and so is able to provide Cubix on a short-term basis via our “SaaS” model. Integrating it with your MAM, Cubix can fully orchestrate the project and seamlessly deliver content to your MAM of choice – before then be decommissioned at the end of the project. Of course, Cubix is also well placed to be the ongoing MAM of choice – in which content can be enhanced with highly configurable metadata schemas, managed and shared securely with internal and external users. AI / ML based services for image detection and speech to text can seamlessly integrated to enhance the metadata and make content even more discoverable.

Content Import
Cubix can import content from a wide range of sources - ranging from simple watch folders in local or remote facilities, through to social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. Content can also be imported directly from cloud storage and FTP sites.
Upon import of content, Cubix performs a “deep dive” on the assets - learning as much as possible about the content - including such properties as codecs, wrappers, durations, filesizes and more. MD5 Hash can be produced at import - as well as the extraction of thumbnails, waveforms and much more.

Orchestrated Archiving
With the content imported - Taskflow, the Cubix Orchestration engine will begin to process the content according to the business rules you can easily define and redefine as needed. This can include such steps as proxy generation, AQC, content indexing through use of AI-based services and archiving. Cubix is natively integrated with the widest selection of storage providers on the marketplace - allowing you to choose the right mix of storage solutions that meet the performance and commercial needs of your content and associated media supply chains.

Legacy LTO / HSM Migration
There are a wide range of reasons why businesses want to migrate away from their current archive solution – ranging from managing risk, concerns over legacy hardware, media degradation and format support. Many businesses also find themselves stuck with “closed format” solutions, based on legacy middleware that suffer escalating support costs, especially when compared to the lack of product development.

As businesses agree the need to migrate, the choices of what, where and how become overwhelming. Storage is a completely different picture from when closed format solutions went live and the change offers significant opportunities to businesses. By combining the right storage solutions with seamless architecture and “lights out” orchestration driving the entire process, businesses can flourish. Ortana has purposefully ensured Cubix is as storage agnostic as possible by integrating, via API, a range of on premise and cloud-based solutions.

A company’s main priority is to “not be here again” – and the key is to store media in an open format, not bound to any one vendor. The LTFS format is now well established within the media domain as a portable and easy to use format which critically has its specification and implementation within the public domain. This ensures it is easily supported by many vendors and guarantees support longevity for on premise storage. Ortana supports many HSMs that can write content in native LTFS format such as Quantum Artico and Xendata.

With significant reductions in cloud-based object storage, through providers like B2 Backblaze and Amazon Glacier, it has become an alternative to a second copy LTO. Egress costs can be a factor when building the model, but when viewed as a “last resort” copy and considering the high levels of durability these platforms offer in addition to MPAA compliance, it’s a low cost, low hassle option.

With 12TB HDD now standard in the marketplace, nearline based storage has also become a strong contender for content when combined with intelligent storage tiering. Cubix can fully automate this process, especially when complimented by such vendors as GB Labs’ wide range of hardware solutions, or even the MAID-based solution ALTO from Disk Archive.

To swap or to migrate? Some vendors suggest that “swapping” your LTO tapes from one HSM to another is the solution. Ortana knows that these libraries are often the linchpin of the organisation and any down time has significant negative impact and combined with the idea of these “one shot, one direction” migrations going wrong, can fill Media Managers with dread. Moreover, when following this route, simply moving tapes does not persist any editorial metadata or resolve many of the objectives around making content “more available”. Cubix not only manages the media, but also persists the editorial metadata from the existing archive also.

Given the high speeds that LTO delivers, combined with the scalability of Cubix, it is easily possible to migrate even the largest libraries in short timescales, whilst having zero down time on the archive. Whilst the content is being migrated to the desired destination solutions, Cubix can perform several tasks on the content to further augment the metadata, including basics such as proxy and waveform generation, through to AI based image detection and speech to text.

Ortana is a trusted partner in the management and deployment of business transformation projects, making full use of the Cubix architecture and the full range of integrations it offers. If you are considering an archive migration, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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