Cloud Transcoding

Providing a transcode solution that is genuinely financially viable for clients with broadcast-grade transcode requirements, Ortana Transcoding provides transparent pricing for two tiers of output, web formats and broadcast formats. For Kiosk, transcoding services are based on a per minute of output so you can easily calculate costs by time and not by capacity.


Where applicable, transcoding is offloaded to GPU to provide the quickest transcoding possible, and we support a wide range of storage destinations including:


  • FTP / FTPeS / SFTP

  • Amazon S3

  • Microsoft Azure storage

  • MatrixStore Cloud

  • Backblaze B2

  • Google Cloud Storage

A Fully Integrated Transcoder

Ortana Cloud also includes Cinnafilm Tachyon®,  allowing for the highest grade in standards conversion, as well as Cinnafilm Dark Energy® Professional for upscaling and texture management of content.


Tachyon was created from the ground up for file-based workflows and leverages both CPU and GPU to provide unparalleled performance with both vertical and horizontal system scaling. There is not another transcoding or standards conversion product in the market that can match the speed and scalability of Tachyon.


Dark Energy Professional has been described as incredible, amazing and unequalled for image texture management by the most discerning eyes in the world.


At Ortana we believe in working with best of breed partners to deliver the best service to our customers.