Editorial Ingest


Editorial Ingest

A fully orchestrated, lights out process for ingesting content into Avid Media Composer – from camera card to edit bin – with or without Interplay!

  • Significantly reduces resources required to acquire and ingest content into Avid Media Composer versus traditional methods.

  • Real time tracking of active projects through numerous dashboards allows for client management teams to react quickly and keep clients in the loop.

  • Built In Transcoder that can easily make use of your existing hardware estate, turning it into a power transcode farm and significantly reducing TCO.

  • Truly end to end solution – takes content direct from transport drives into Avid workspaces without the need for any human input.

  • Integrates with Content Agent, CETA iCFM, ScheduAll and many more…

  • The true hybrid cloud architecture of Cubix allows for Remote Ingest to be performed out of the box. 

A game changing product from Ortana, Editorial Ingest provides a “lights out” solution for ingesting content into Avid Media Composer (with or without Interplay). Supporting a wide range of camera formats (including RED/ARRI) and proxy formats (including JFIF, DNxHR, H264 and XDCAM) - Cubix automatically wrangles content according to configurable business rules, transcodes on existing hardware to utilise hardware out of hours and is scalable over 100s of workstations. Editorial Ingest concatenates media and will automatically manage missing source timecode, it generates Avid PMR and AAF per roll and provides real time project status and ETA via the Dashboard & Tracker features.


Project Creation & Import

Cubix can either work with your existing project / resource management system to define projects and their requirements - or these can be easily defined directly within the Cubix UI itself. These include such details as offline format(s), storage allocations and key contacts.


Once the project is activated, Cubix is able to import content either directly from the transport drive, or from a nearline location of your choice. Performing a “non-destructive” import, Cubix learns about every file of every roll – importing all technical properties such as codec, filesize, duration, raster and more – providing an unparalleled level of visibility of what content was provided – and what content is to be processed.


Wrangle & Validate

Based on configurable rules, the orchestration engine will then automatically “wrangle” the content into a new structure on the nearline (or copy directly to this structure when working direct from transport drive) - that is client / editor friendly. This wrangling can be by format, codec, raster, etc. - as well as using such metadata as camera type, folder names and more. Cubix will also validate the content to ensure its suitable for ingest and relink - re-creating source masters which have no timecode track. This should remove all manual intervention to “prepare” a content drop for ingest - something that usually takes up a lot of operational time and resource.

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Intelligent Transcoding

Once wrangled, the Cubix Orchestration engine will then manage the process of creating the Avid offline proxies to the desired specification set in the project (e.g. DNx, JFIF, H264, XDCAM, Native, etc.) - using the built in transcoding engine within Cubix - automatically establishing exactly what transcode(s) need to be performed.
A feature unique to Cubix versus other solutions in the marketplace is that this transcoding can be done utilising your existing Avid workstation estate. Thanks to Cubix’s unique “Harness” technology - the transcodes can be performed on any Avid approved hardware - and so edit suites overnight when clients are not present can be used as a transcode farm. Often this means that clients do not need to purchase ANY new hardware to deploy this solution - saving significantly on costs.
Simple dashboards provide easy control for runners and operational leads to easily enable / disable workstations and view their health - and curfew rules can be configured to control when they are / are not available for use.


Ingest & Validate

The Avid OPAtoms are then delivered directly to the configured Avid ingest locations - complete with all the metadata required to relink back to the source content. Cubix checks each delivered asset to check its duration, track layout and timecodes match the source - as well as creates the PMR file and AAF (per roll) complete with a sequence. This means the content can be imported directly into Avid via the AAF without the need to index - saving further time again.

Ingest & Validate

As Cubix is an Orchestration platform - its focus is on the metadata of the workflow. As such, Cubix provides in-depth reporting on the real-time status of projects as they pass through the process - as well as highly detailed reports for billing.
Our Tracker view allows for a “dashboard” view on the status of the workflow - easily allowing operations teams to track the progress. Cubix also provides pro-active alerts regarding storage usage versus what the client has allocated - so that these issues can be dealt with at the time, rather than after a project has finished

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