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AI Content Discovery


Discover the right media, quickly and easily through cost-effective metadata enhancement and semantic search. Available as part of Cubix Yunify, Cubix Halo or as an Appliance without the need to deploy a full MAM


As the amount and number of content sources increase for many media-based facilities, the ability to know what assets you have and where they are becomes a challenge. Whether the content is user generated, or simply resides on drive upon drive of rushes, this unstructured data often remains inaccessible to the business and it becomes a slow, painful process to locate content when needed.


The challenge is to integrate these services into the same media repository that houses the content, allowing for existing metadata to be enriched. From there, Cubix users can conduct semantic-based searches across this combination of media assets and associated metadata. However, the main challenge is to do this cost-effectively and with as little operational impact as possible, as often the reason that the unstructured data was never ‘tagged’ was one of time constraints and or resource restrictions.


The Content Discovery engine within Cubix was designed to understand and resolve these primary challenges. As a result, Cubix supports a wide range of Al and ML based public cloud services and is able to use its Orchestration engine to intelligently request only those indexing services required for the content being operated on. 


A key feature of the Cubix Content Discovery engine is the efficient use of bandwidth when uploading to the cloud. By sending full frame still images (uploaded at pre-configured intervals), whole ‘chunks’ of video no longer need to be uploaded with the associated increase in transport and storage costs. Cubix will then automatically combine this resulting metadata with the asset.

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