About Ortana

At Ortana, we partner with businesses who aspire to unlock

the unique value of their media. We specialize in designing media workflow management solutions so you can create and manage your content with ease.

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Our Journey 




When we created Ortana Media Group back in 2012, we believed in a better way to manage media. A more intuitive, fast and cost-effective way to allow customers to make the most of their content and expand their businesses. We make this aim our mission and motivation to come to work every day.


Through the years we developed a wide range of products and services to orchestrate media workflows, collaboration, and management. We help companies all over the world, of all sizes and industries to do their job more effectively and deliver superior results.

Our promise 

Our development of software-oriented architectures around best of breed products and services means we produce flexible, affordable and efficient solutions for your specific requirements, whether they be all encompassing or one step in your existing workflow. Ortana also ensures that our commercials models are as flexible as our solutions, allowing you to choose from numerous different options – including, capex, SaaS & transactional.


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Be part of or team 

At Ortana, our people are our greatest asset. We are seeking enthusiastic and creative people who are fun to work with and passionate about what they do.

If you feel like you'll be a good addition to the team, we would love to hear from you, send your CV now to careers@ortana.tv