Our Journey 

When we founded Ortana Media Group in 2012, we believed there was a better way to manage and orchestrate assets. We built a more intuitive, more performant and more cost-effective way to allow our customers to make the most of their content and expand their businesses.

Through the years we developed a family of tailored solutions and services to help orchestrate media workflows, enable collaboration, and manage content. We’ve helped companies all over the world, of all sizes and industries to perform more effectively and deliver results.

The Ortana way, an openly flexible way

Cubix contains three distinct layers (Asset Management, Automation and Orchestration) within its platform architecture that provide an often unique approach to being more agile and reconfigurable when compared to many other MAM or workflow orchestration engines. It’s an approach that’s proven to be successful time and time again.

Ortana also ensures that our commercial models are as flexible as our solutions, allowing you to choose from numerous different options including, CapEx, SaaS, or transaction-based.


Meet some of the team... 


James Gibson 

Founder & CEO


Thiago Ayres 

Marketing Manager 

Izuddin Ortana Media Group.png

Senior Project Engineer

Fraser Jardine Ortana Media Group.png

Fraser Jardine 

Managing Director

Mark Sellwood Ortana Media Group.png

Project Manager

Komala Ortana media group.png

Senior Support Engineer

Simon Harper Ortana Media Group.png

Simon Harper 

Channel & Partner Manager


Marcin Soja

Principal Engineer

ed añonuevo Ortana Media Group.png

Edwin Añonuevo

Senior Support Engineer

Shannon Sewell Ortana Media Group.png

Shannon Sewell

Product Sales Manager

Maciej-Zielinski Ortana Media Group.png

Maciej  Zieliński

Principal Engineer

Become part of the team...

At Ortana, our people are our greatest asset. We are seeking enthusiastic and creative people who are fun to work with and passionate about what they do.

If you feel like you'll be a good addition to the team, we would love to hear from you, send your CV now to careers@ortana.tv