Highly efficient, accurate and scalable ingest of tape-based content libraries!

Support for an unlimited number of Flexicarts – up to 3 decks per Flexicart
Support for any Betacam variant (Betacam SP, Digibeta, Betacam SX, IMX, HDCAM, HDCAM SR)
Ability to mix formats within the same Flexicart
Browser based UI with AD / LDAP Security
Three different methods of capture - adjustable on a per tape / client / workflow / Flexicart basis
Wide range of codecs and wrappers supported
Ability to mass import metadata regarding libraries via different methods
Print barcodes directly from the UI
Fully documented RESTful API to query and interact with the workflows
Configurable orchestration engine allows for workflows to be tailored to meet your exact needs – both today and in the future

Tape Ingest that Scales…

At Ortana, we understand that regardless of the use case, the need to digitise tape content comes with a few constant requirements – digitise it as quickly as you can, without sacrificing accuracy or quality, for the least cost possible. Often seen as conflicting – it can be difficult to find a solution that delivers on all these needs.
Through our own extensive experience of digitising tape libraries in a wide range of environments, the Cubix Robotic Bulk Ingest solution allows you to scale quickly and cost effectively, whilst ensuring the same or higher accuracy of capture.
Built using the Cubix MAM & Orchestration platform – it natively integrates with Sony™ Flexicarts, VTRs and Telestream™ Pipelines to allow for true 24x7x365 operations. Our configurable workflows ensure that the process of preparation, capture and onward processing can be easily tailored to meet the exact requirements of your media supply chain – whether than be your own MAM or one of the many portal solutions provided by Cubix.

The solution is able to support three different methods of capture (in all cases channel conditions monitored);

Crash Capture – where the whole tape is captured from head to loss of servo lock for a configured period.
Timecode – where the whole tape is captured from head to loss of servo lock for a configured period.
In Point Only – where an in point is provided – and the capture continues until a loss of servo lock occurs for a configured period.

This ensures the right method can be selected to provide the maximum efficiency for your content types.

Tape Ingest that Scales…

Maximum efficiency can only be achieved through complete workflow orchestration, providing transparency on the entire process – and removing as many manual steps as possible. Cubix can manage the process right from the library or goods in area – allowing users to either create / scan barcodes directly within the UI – or import Microsoft™ Excel / CSV documents containing physical asset data. Cubix is also integrated with a range of library management systems, as well as offering its own RESTful API to allow metadata to be directly retrieved for use within the workflow.

>Preparation steps such as tape cleaning, baking and image capture of the physical assets can easily be configured as required (or not) in the workflow.

Depending on the capture method, tapes can either be simply placed directly into the Flexicart without any metadata needing to be entered at all, or “load lists” can easily be created and exported for processing. Multiple workflows / clients can operate across the same Flexicart – allowing for different content types / business rules to be applied (e.g. capture methods, prioritisation, etc.).

Once captured, the content is imported into Cubix MAM to capture all technical metadata regarding the asset - and to allow for further workflow actions such as proxy generation, waveforms, segmentation / trimming and more. Cubix is able to transcode / rewrap the content based on timecodes entered via the UI – and the deliver the content to local NAS / SAN storage – or to object storage such as Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure and more. The delivery can include the captured content, but also a sidecar XML / JSON file describing all metadata acquired during the ingest / QC / review steps. The workflows can also deliver content to Cubix client portals.

Cubix portals are designed for different purposes - such as reviewing and maintaining archives, brand management, or monetisation. All portals allow for content to be selected frame accurately into bins, before then being placed into a basket for processing. Any Taskflow can be configured as a selectable option from the basket - allowing portals to be used for almost any workflow requirement, or in other words giving you the upmost flexibility.

Ingest & Validate

Ortana Media Group are able to provide refurbished Flexicarts, with a brand-new custom build firmware on them – allowing the Flexicarts to support the very latest Sony HDCAM-SR decks. Between 1 and 4 VTRs can be implemented per robot – allowing for an average ingest rate of 18-20 hours per day per VTR for mid to long form content.

The Cubix Robotic Bulk Ingest solution can be purchased either as part of the wider Cubix MAM & Orchestration platform – or as a standalone solution for only £35,000* for up to five Flexicarts. For more information and to request a demo please email hello@ortana.tv.
**Plus hardware costs


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